If you're reading the text online, the links should all be clickable. If you're reading from a hardcopy, all links and references are followed by a reference number, e.g. [1] The clickable reference numbers on this page match those reference numbers in the EEXIST text.
[0] A page with links to different versions of the EEXIST text.
[1] A link to the Songline Systems website.
[2] Wikipedia Page on the VAX
[3] Overview of the Cell Matrix and the Songline Processor
[4] GIT repository EA2, containing source and data for digital logic experiments
[5] GIT repository EA3, containing source and data for the frequency discriminator experiments
[6] Adrian Thompson's paper on evolving a frequency discriminator
[7] GIT repository EA5, containing source and data for the frequency generator experiments
[8] GIT repository EA6, containing source and data for the tic tac toe experiments
[9] Wikipedia page on Lunar Lander games
[10] GIT repository EA10HL, initial lunar lander player experiments
[11] GIT repository EA11HL, further lunar lander player experiments (with restricted diameters on input regions)
[12] GIT repository containing the lunar lander server
[13] GIT repository for virtual ecosystem (VEco) work
[14] Wikipedia page on FPGAs
[15] Brief article on the first stored program comuter
[16] Overview of the Cell Matrix and applications of self-modification
[17] Unpublished paper describing Medusa Circuits on the Cell Matrix
[18] Final report on NASA SBIR investigating use of the Cell Matrix for autonomous fault handling
[19] Paper on introspective circuits and their use in self-assembly
[20] API.jar, the main API for EEXIST
[21] JavaDoc for the EEXIST API
[22] GIT repository for the EEXIST API
[23] Main webpage on songlinesystems.com that links to videos and other resources related to the EEXIST API
[24] GIT root repository for all API-related work, including experiments described in the text
[25] Main webpage summarizing work related to the Virtual Ecosystem
[26] Directory containing emulator and sample code for the ZBC